Cannabasics: Things To Consider Before Visiting Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabasics: Things To Consider Before Visiting Cannabis Dispensary

      Are you planning a trip to a marijuana dispensary on your 420 friendly vacation in Colorado? Well… your first experience will surely be a combination of surreal and overwhelming. But do not fret, your first trip to a marijuana dispensary doesn’t have to be mysterious and intimidating. In fact it should be exciting and fun! The universal sign of a marijuana dispensary is a green cross, and if you look around you’ll see quite a few. There are a few basic things to know that can help you feel super relaxed so you can purchase the best weed in the world and fully enjoy your Colorado weed vacation.

1. Research dispensaries in the area

Denver has the most marijuana dispensaries in Colorado (more than 600) as well as a lot of 420 themed events, 420 friendly hotels, 420 friendly transportation, educational tours and more. If you are planning a trip to Colorado, I strongly suggest staying in Denver. That said, not all marijuana dispensaries are for both medical and recreational marijuanasales. This means that if you are not a medical cannabis card holder, then you should look for a marijuana dispensary that has a recreational side. Also, not all dispensaries are created equal. They all have slightly different pricing, specialties, and marijuana strains. If you have friends in Denver, you should ask them what their preferred marijuana dispensary is or look at reviews online.

2. Bring cash, your ID and know the drill

All marijuana dispensaries look slightly different when you first walk in, but here are things you can expect at all of them. Sometimes there will be two entrances labeled “medical entrance” and “recreational entrance.” Make sure that if you are not a medical marijuana card holder, that you enter through the recreational side. As soon as you enter, you’ll notice a person behind a glass window and a waiting room. You’ll need to give the person behind the glass window your ID (preferably a driver’s license, passports are commonly accepted too). You will get your ID back once you enter the room with the budtenders (the people who will help you shop for your cannabis products). Also, most dispensaries are still cash-only. On average, an eighth of marijuana flower will be about $40 and a pre-rolled joint will be about $10. However, if you buy in bulk, it is usually a bit cheaper, but make sure you can responsibly consume the amount you purchase during the time you have on your super heady Colorado weed vacation. Remember to check out the marijuana laws in Colorado to make sure you have a safe and legal Denver cannabis experience.

3. Research marijuana strains based on the effect you are seeking

Some dispensaries have very well-labeled display cases that tell you the strain name, whether it is sativa, indica or a hybrid and so much more. The Green Solution is known for their highly detailed digital displays and their enormous variety of cannabis flower, tinctures, edibles, and more. However, some dispensaries do not have clear descriptions of their products, so you might have to ask. During the course of your Colorado pot vacation, I strongly suggest you ask the budtenders about whether the cannabis you are buying is sativa or indica. If you are looking for an uplifting, energized high, then sativa is the way to go. If you want a sleepier, much more chill high then choose an indica. If you want a bit of both there are many hybrids strains to choose from. No matter what, do some research into the different strains so you can get the effect you desire.

4. Know your consumption methods (beware of edibles)

Before you purchase a bunch of waxes, oils, or marijuana flower, make sure you have the right equipment to consume it properly. Especially if you are enjoying your cannabis experience as a cannabis tourist, you probably didn’t (read: shouldn’t) travel with any smoking apparatuses, so it would be the ultimate bummer to buy a bunch of cannabis product that you aren’t equipped to enjoy. That said, if you book 420 friendly hotels with My 420 Tours, you will receive a rental Silver Surfer Vaporizer (for dry herb) for the duration of your stay. (You can also use this vaporizer to consume your cannabis in the 420 friendly hotel). You can also just rent-a-vaporizer, which is the cheapest, healthiest, way to enjoy your the world’s best weed on your Colorado pot vacation. If you purchase edibles, please note that they usually take at least an hour to “kick in” and then the high can last as long as six hours. It is best to start with a nibble and take it slow.

5. Relax and and don’t be afraid of asking questions


Remember that you are on vacation and this all should be fun and relaxing. The 420 friendly budtenders are there to answer your questions and if you are prepared for the basics, they will be happy to talk to you about all the different options in front of you. Let us know what you think the best marijuana dispensary is? We would love to hear from you.

If you still feel unprepared for your first Colorado marijuana dispensary experience, check out some of our cannabis tours including a dispensary and grow house tour that will educate you further about the Cannabis Industry in Colorado. Whether you’re a traveler seeking the ultimate Colorado cannabis experience or a local looking for the best Denver date night or party ideas, we also have a series of 420 friendly hotels, 420 friendly transportation, and all inclusive cannabis vacations.